Buying Lingerie and Teaching English

I had a nice Skype with Erika this morning, even though it was pretty early. I tried to tell her how I felt and I just hope she understands. (I know you’re reading this, Erika. Haha.)

Today since I got to school kind of late, I decided to skip my one class that day. The class is Let’s Enjoy Talking (in Japanese) and I hadn’t skipped it till today, and besides I was going to be speaking Japanese with my Japanese friends anyway, so I don’t really feel bad. I went with Shiori and Vageesha to buy John a birthday present. His birthday is today but we’re celebrating it tomorrow. We’re going to a tabenomihodai, and possibly karaoke and all-night clubbing after that, which I’m really excited for. I’ve only been to one club before, in New York, and it was pretty grimy, so I’m curious as to how clubs in Japan are. Anyway we went to Don Quixote (basically Target, not sure why it’s called Don Quixote though, it has absolutely nothing to do with the book) and bought him a set of kawaii lingerie as a joke and a small bottle of whiskey as his real present. Tomorrow’s gonna be a good night.

After that, I went to meet Nami-san’s friend, Mamiko, to teach her son, Suguru. It took me like an hour to figure out where to go. She told me to meet her at Shinjuku-gyoen Station, but there is no Shinjuku-gyoen station, only Shinjuku station and Shinjuku-gyoenmae station. Shinjuku-gyoen is a park, so I wasn’t sure which of the three places I was supposed to meet her at. When I found out it was Shinjuku-gyoenmae, I tried to find the train line I needed to take to get there, but I ended up walking around Shinjuku station for about an hour before I found it, the Maranouchi line. Mami’s apartment is really close to the station. It’s not as nice as Nami’s other friend’s places, but it’s not bad for Tokyo. Suguru is a really well-behaved kid, and easy to teach. But there wasn’t really enough material to last a whole hour. In fact, all he wanted to do was two pages of a workbook, which we finished in like 10 minutes. But after that we did flash cards and just had a simple conversation in English about Pokemon. Mami wants me to tutor him for two hours every Tuesday, the first hour using the workbook, the second just talking. She wants him to learn English because they might be moving to Hong Kong in 3 years for her husband’s work. Suguru’s English is really good compared to Ryo and Riyo. Apparently he’s only been studying since June this year, having classes every Saturday. I was shocked, and also embarrassed at how bad my Japanese is even though I’ve been studying for over 2 years.

Speaking of my Japanese level, I’ve come to accept that my Japanese isn’t going to radically improve overnight. It will sink in, little by little, until before I know it I’ve gotten better. It’s already starting to happen, I think. All I can do is try to study every night and have conversations with Japanese people.

Anyway, here’s a good song. 


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